BPRA commemorates World Environment Day

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) will commemorate World Environment Day 2011 by planting trees at Marisha Recreational Park in Magwegwe on Saturday 4 June 2011 from 0930 hrs to 1130 hrs. The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has offered 6 recreational parks where it has permitted BPRA to plant trees for the commemorations and the event at Marisha Recreational Park will be a ground-breaking ceremony for the tree planting initiative.
The commemorations this year are under the theme Trees, Nature at your service’ with a mind of inculcating a culture of tree planting in the city while working with the City Council. Members of the BPRA Magwegwe ward committee will be planting the trees in collaboration with employees of the BCC.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

World Environment Day Concept Note

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association, a community based and membership driven organisation has been carrying out a series of township clean-up activities in the 29 wards of Bulawayo since its inception in 2007, as part of its mandate to “cultivate environmentally friendly attitudes” and also in the attempt to attain Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7 of ensuring environmental sustainability. Also, the Association was at the forefront of the massive clean-up exercise on Saturday 4 June 2010 as a means of commemorating WED 2010 under the theme “ Many people; One city; One future!!”.

This year celebrations will be held under the theme of “Trees: Nature at your service”, to highlight the importance of not only forest areas to everything on earth but also the importance of trees in general. There are a lot of organisations that have been carrying out environmental management initiatives that call for the conservation of the environment and to sensitize residents on abstaining from activities that are not environmentally sustainable. However, there is need for a coordinated effort from these various organisations to highlight environmental issues to residents while using the initiative to liaise, co-ordinate and synergy amongst each other. The Association therefore has set out to spearhead these celebrations in Bulawayo, cognizant of the heavy responsibility of its members, that is, the residents of the city have in environmental conservation. The commemorations will mark the beginning of a concerted and vigorous afforestation campaign that is coordinated and regularized throughout the city.

1.    To cultivate a culture of environmental responsibility in Bulawayo
2.    To facilitate dialogue on environmental issues between elected officials and the electorate,
3.    To advocate for service delivery that does not impact negatively on the environment
  • Ward-based tree planting campaign
  • Civic society Green city campaign