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Residents request ZESA to attend to fault urgently
Bulawayo residents have bemoaned worsening load shedding by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA). This comes after the parastatal announced earlier this week that three pumps that generate electricity in Hwange have broken down and the power utility is working on procuring new ones. Residents have expressed disappointment that ZESA is failing to manage the country’s electricity generation equipment despite the fact that residents are charged exorbitant rates. Residents have also been irked by the fact that the parastatal has also failed to state when the problem will be rectified. The worsening power cuts are having a dire effect on residents; children, women and men alike. Residents revealed that they are now facing power cuts for periods amounting to between 12 and 14 hours a day, a situation that they said was unfair for those who pay fixed charges.

Marginalization a reality in Bulawayo
Residents across Bulawayo have concurred that the issue of marginalization of Bulawayo and the Matabeleland region is a reality and should be addressed by the government as a matter of urgency. Residents assert that politicians cannot discuss the issue while excluding those that are directly affected by the matter. The incomplete state of universities in Bulawayo and Matabeleland, relocation of industries, inadequacy of social service departments among other issues are a clear reflection of leadership failure in the region as politicians from the region fail to rectify issues and ensure development. Development opportunities are very minimal in a marginalized region that is not prioritized in terms of resource allocation. BPRA calls for a critical address of issues affecting empowerment of the people of Matabeleland in a forum where people can freely air their views.

Residents displeased with rife corruption in the police force
Commuter operators and commuters in Bulawayo have expressed displeasure with the operations of traffic police. Traffic police have been accused of soliciting for bribes and mounting road blocks unnecessarily with roads in the city now full of roadblocks that target commuter omnibuses. Commuter omnibus drivers  that in some instances there are a number of road blocks and speed traps within a short distance of each other and they have to stop at all of them unnecessarily. This does not only delay trips but also puts commuters at risk as taxi operators take unsafe routes and speed in a bid to evade police. The alleged corruption of traffic police officers has not been addressed and continues to escalate despite efforts made by BPRA to have the Officer Commanding Bulawayo Superintendent, Henry Mhlanga, look into the issues and penalize those found guilty. Residents have lost faith in the police force as the force has proven to be after personal gains instead of ensuring the safety and security of residents.

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  1. I personally believe that once the locomotive stops functioning properly then the whole train is in trouble. The whole meaning of it all here is that the locomotive is the government. It is corrupt and thus we can say it is malfunctioning. So if things stand in this manner from who will the police force learn about order? In any case, let us stop calling them a force because by so doing we will be affording them a status they no longer deserve. They are simply a compromised puppetic body that will only act under direct orders from Zanu-Pf. To them the public to be protected is Zanu-Pf not any other Zimbabwean. We can blame the police but that's all the force can do under such conditions. To stamp out this issue of bribes, it's high time the government increases the salaries of the uniformed forces and secondly it's high time Zanu-Pf refrains from politicising the police force. It should not belong to anyone but should be an independent body which is there to guarantee the safety of all citizens in this country by upholding the rule of law and order.