About BPRA

A transformative organisation that is relevant and accessible to proactive residents who agitate to live in a pleasant city of first choice in Zimbabwe.

To empower residents of Bulawayo in issues of Local Governance and Collective Decision Making through effective participation and informed research that results in improved service delivery.

§  Represent and support the residents of Bulawayo by advocating for transparent, affordable and quality municipal services on a professional non-partisan basis.
§  To promote the effective participation of women, youths and other vulnerable groups in residents’ activities and in Local Governance.
§  To facilitate research and dissemination of information to the residents of Bulawayo.
§  To support Increased Dialogue between residents, councillors, central government and other public institutions.
§  To build synergies with other local, national and international organisations both public and private with similar objectives in any way that advances the interests of residents.